Mesotherapy - No needle alternative

It is a non-surgical cosmetic solutions aimed at diminishing problem areas in your body such as lines, wrinkles, cellulite, excess weight, body contouring, hair re-growth and face/neck rejuvenation..

Mesotherapy is a medical technique first devised in the 1950’s by a Frenchman called Dr Michel Pistor. It involves the micro-injection of specially prepared active ingredients injected directly in to the skin cells.
Mesotherapy was initially used to treat such conditions such as Rheumatism, sport injuries for the improvement of blood circulation, but it is now used successfully world-wide by medical practitioners for various cosmetic conditions, including skin rejuvenation, hair re-growth, localised fat reduction, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, blemishes, acne and scarring and for cellulite.

Even though Mesotherapy is an incredibly effective treatment, many people are not comfortable with the concept of multiple injections as they can often cause bruising and soreness, so Aesthetic manufacturers have designed” No Needle Alternative”.

“No Needle Mesotherapy”

By using the ultrasonic technology on the Cryoderm alongside the new Aesthetic mesotherapy product range you are able to offer clients a professional no needle mesotherapy treatment.

Mesotherapy treatment includes four steps as follows:

  • First step - Thermotherapy: We use heat therapy to open the skin pores and improve the blood circulation to the treated area.
  • Second step – Diamond tip microdermabrasion: Will exfoliate the skin by taking the first layer of superficial dead skin off or dead skin cells from the skin.Makes the skin pores free of impuirities or any greasiness and ready for transdermal infusion.
  • Third Step - Ultrasound: B using ultrasound technology to perform Transdermal infusion which takes the products atleast 8mm deep to the dermis layer of skin without the use of needles.
  • Fourth Step - Cryotherapy: By using the cold therapy sealing the skin pores nicely so that the products are sealed in to the skin.Client is advised not to wash the treated area for atleast 4-6 hours for good absorption and good results.

Duration: 45 Min

Price: £75.00

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